CVA Celebrates Their Love Of Art

As we continue to move out of the Covid-19 pandemic, Chester Visual Arts continues to break boundaries and highlight the importance of arts and culture’s vital role in helping Chester’s recovery, not just for the tourism sector and visitor footfall, but for the individuals, including residents and organisations. As well as a programme of exciting world class events planned for 2022, this February, the month of love, CVA are campaigning for everyone to share their love for art.

Visual Arts and their contribution to our wellbeing is evident and, momentary joys, even in dire circumstances, often come through the arts and collective expression.

Cynthia Aiello Short, trustee of Chester Visual Arts (CVA) commented ‘Art has given communities the world over an opportunity to respond to the shared trauma of the pandemic and demonstrated its critical role as the social glue that supports our wellbeing. Not only that, but it also allows us to understand, to be together, to express ourselves, to escape, to give voices, to discover, to find joy, to change and even… to fall in love. The arts & culture, as well as the places they call home, connect our communities, and form our shared memories, these are the places where they might have met their other half, the cinema where they shared their first kiss, the first art gallery visited together, a frequented sculpture park, think of those lost moments.’

Dr. Cathy Pütz, former Head of International Touring Exhibitions, V&A (Victoria & Albert) Museum, said ‘I feel very honoured to be part of the Chester Visual Arts board, they are an organisation that has such a firm focus and belief in the power the arts and culture has to bring about positive change. The pandemic has had a devastating impact on the cities arts, culture, and heritage sector. But as we move forward, I have seen a shift in the role of art, and it is becoming more central to our lives.”

Love has also been captured and portrayed in art throughout history and has long been a key theme in art. Everyone will have their own favourite, from The Kiss, Gustav Klimt to the famous Rodin sculpture, The Kiss, which shows two adulterous lovers embracing. Art that shows romance is loved by many and comes in all forms; this is love in art. There are the artists who love creating the art. There’s a romance in the muses that inspire the artists. Then there’s also the love of art. But like all great romances, it needs nourishing, investing in both in terms of time and money. Why? To feel more fully human. Just like friendships or romances, these connections can be hard to initiate, and complicated to manage. But it will be worth it.

Ian Short, Chairman of Chester Visual Arts states “We want to bring art to the heart of Chester and the success of the past exhibitions we have bought to Chester, show there is a real passion for art in the region. Our aim is to give art a home and create a permanent home in the heart of the city. We have some exciting projects coming up over the next couple of months with the launch of a lecture series, titled, ‘Radical Times, Radical Change’, which is being hosted by Dr. Cathy Pütz and will feature internationally renowned curators, with a focus on the future of museums and galleries in an upside-down world. More details will be coming via our website soon, but make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter & follow our social media channels for what’s going on behind the scenes.”

Sometimes love is stronger than art, sometimes art prevails, then there’s those who turn heartbreak into art, either way art is the ultimate testament to love! Show your love for art in Chester by using the hashtag #theartofchester and share your favourite piece of work.