Contemporary Visual Art is the term used for the ‘art of today’, rather than focusing solely on the aesthetic of how the art looks, contemporary art focuses on the feeling it can create, using a variety of matters and topics as the inspiration for their creation. Contemporary artists experiment with different ideas, concepts and materials, whether that be in the form of painting, sculptures, drawing, digital art or photography.

They provide a cultural dialogue that discusses important concepts such as identity, family, community, and nationality. This form of art provides opportunities to reflect on societal issues that are important both to us as individuals, and as a collective. Art and culture play a key role in helping to tackle social injustice.

Galleries, theatres, museums and libraries are at the heart of our towns and cities, bringing inspiration and communities together. Art can create a voice for individuals without having to speak a word.

Post-pandemic, Chester Visual Arts continues to put emphasis on the importance of art and culture, whilst breaking boundaries and aiming to restore confidence in society. The industry has taken on an even greater significance as it strives to recover minds and make an inspiring change.

Through art, communities across the globe have been given an outlet for expression and the opportunity to illustrate the shared impact of the pandemic. The role it plays within society and its ability to support our mental health and our communities is vital.

As an industry (artists, organisations, venues, productions), we must be actively involved in the conversation around these important topics and policies in order to create change and positively shape the future.

This is the reason CVA is working hard and making ambitious moves, to place culture at the heart of economic strategy for every city in the UK.

It’s about creating and supporting – great moments for people in cities and places across the UK.

The key is coming together and doing the work to make it happen.