CVA artist interview: Emma Lucy

Thanks to Emma Lucy for supplying this artist interview. In late 2020, Emma was commissioned to produce a digital commission as part of CVA’s Learning Programme.

Download Emma’s Chance and Control activity pack. 

About Emma Lucy

Emma Lucy began her new venture as an illustrator 10 years ago by exhibiting around her hometown of Chester, Cheshire. Her artwork was spotted by authors around the UK and USA which led to several children’s book collaborations and series, credited under her full name Emma K.L. Hunt. Emma then went on to study the arts gaining a BA Hons in Fine Art followed by an MA in Illustration from the University of Hertfordshire. Whilst studying Emma continued to illustrate children’s books working closely with authors to bring their stories to life through her artwork. In 2016 Emma also exhibited a collection of her mixed media pieces in collaborative exhibitions in London and New York, all of which were sold with the profits donated to the charity Visual Aids. Between 2013 and 2015 several of her children’s book collaborations with author Ruth Whenham were given literary awards for both writing and illustration, these included the Wishing Shelf Medal and Reader’s Favourite Silver Medal. Emma also collaborated with artists and students creating panel designs for the £14m state-of-the-art facility ‘Ancora House’ in Chester, which went on to win the ‘Project of the Year’ at the DIMH Awards 2017.